Inside the Sardis Raptor Clinic
Sardis Raptor Center was founded in 1989 as a nonprofit organization by it's present director, Sharon Wolters. It operated as a rehabilitation center for all species until 1995 when it began to specialize in birds of prey. Thousands of hawks, owls, falcons, and eagles have been treated and released, soaring to freedom as a result of Sardis' efforts.

Presently, Sardis specializes in the rehabilitation of endangered or threatened species, including eagles, while continuing to provide emergency trauma care for all other species of raptors. A continuing primary goal of Sardis is to release fully rehabilitated animals back into the wild.
To help preserve our raptor populations, Sardis has been instrumental in providing education to the community.

The educational program, "Hunters of the Sky," is a fun, educational and unique program that has become very high in demand. This program provides viewers with the rare opportunity to see a variety of birds up close while learning about their habitats, their roles in the environment, and much more. Since it's inception, it has continuously gained popularity all over the state in fairs, private and public schools systems, colleges, and among other groups wishing to learn about raptors.

The center's educational program is the permanent home to many different species of hawks, owls, and eagles. These are birds whose injuries prevent their release. They are ambassadors for their wild neighbors. They help educate children and adults throughout Washington State.